Monday, 19 August 2013

Worry much?

Worrying takes up a major part of our daily lives. Whether its worrying about what to wear for the day , worrying about some college work or just about any irrelevant stuff. Speaking personally, I'm a big worrier ( a worrywart!). I can worry about just anything. If there was a Nobel prize for worriers, I'd probably win it. I have been a worrywart for so long, that not worrying about something makes me worried :P Just yesterday while I was preparing for a presentation that I was supposed to present in the class today ( which went quite well btw :) ), I found myself getting worried about the most trivial stuff ( trust me it is quite frustrating to be me sometimes :/ ). It was as if I was constantly mulling over insignificant stuff without reaching to a proper conclusion. After I was done with my presentation today, I realised how futile my worrying was. I wasted my time worrying about trivial stuff, when I could have probably done some useful stuff.
         And what's more, worrying is contagious! Once you're worried about something, you get the people around you worried as well ( sometimes! ). Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying worrying is entirely wrong. Worrying has it's own share of positive outcomes. It has been found out that a certain amount of worrying will prepare you for your worst. Though the amount of worrying people mostly do, exceeds the required amount leading to anxiety and various other physiological symptoms like shivering ,sweating ,increased blood pressure! To stop worrying, one must get to the root cause of the problem. Worry is , more or less, caused by anticipation of failure. We tend to associate our past failures with current circumstances which leads to worrying. And we don't know when to stop, I could go on worrying about any insignificant matter for as long as possible. Moreover, a worrier is seldom viewed as a person to hang around. It's so obvious, why would anyone want to be near a person who's always enveloped by worries and fears about situations which are yet to even occur? The sweet and simple solution to this is to stop worrying, and start living in the moment ( I know it's funny coming from me!:D ) . Enough for now, gotta get back to my daily quota of worrying :P

PS: I've played out the thoughts in my head , here you go!
( on the day before the presentation)
Me: How should I start my presentation, with a good afternoon or without? What should I wear? Should I carry some notes to refer while presenting? Will my voice be audible enough to the whole classroom ? I must complete preparing within 2 hrs at the most! I have a pharmacology test due tomorrow as well! I have no idea what those Anticancer drugs do! Taxanes,alylating agents,..OMG! Maybe I should stop worrying about this right now, and worry about the presentation instead, there's still time for worrying about the test!

As you can see, the presentation went well, but the pharmacology test? Yeah, not so well!
Inference: Stop worrying! :P Prepare for the best! Good day :D

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