Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Keep those mobile phones away!

*Rant Alert*
 So if you can't make out from the topic already, I'm going to be writing ( ranting , rather :P) about the excessive use of mobile phones. Almost everyday, I see people wearing headphones staring away aimlessly with bored blank faces, people crossing roads with their eyes glued to their mobile phones. I mean seriously, what is wrong with people ? That text message you just received can wait till you're done crossing the road, it's not going to self-destruct like those Ministery of Magic letters in Harry Potter :P and even if it would be getting self-destructed, your life is much more important than some random text. My younger sister ( Voldy :P I so love to call her that! ), after getting back home from meeting friends, gets glued to her mobile phone to continue chatting . This incessant chatting makes her almost deaf and blind ( yes, blind :P). She literally walks around the house, holding her mobile phone in front of her face. I'm waiting for the day she accidentally bumps into a wall :P ( That sounds mean, sorry :P ) Getting back to the point, mobile phones have become an easily available commodity nowadays. It's a treat for all those mobile phone companies and mobile network providers, they're making huge profits. Though mobile phones have eased communication, they are excessively used. From oldies to kids, almost everyone owns a mobile phone these days. I think in no time, li'l babies will start owning their own mobile phones :D Gone are those days, when one used to be able to communicate through spoken words, now the communication is mostly via typed words on smartphone screens. And by Jove, the screen dimensions in the newer mobile phones! The basic idea behind invention of mobile phones is easy portability , that idea seems to be lost considering the sizes of the mobile phones these days. It's almost as if people walk around with mini computer screens. It would be almost difficult to differentiate between a tablet and a mobile phone :P The worst part is that people can't go a day without their mobile phones, they start feeling lonesome. Humans are becoming too much technology dependent. Furthermore the use of mobile phones has also been studied to have some harmful effects on the human body. Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiations which could have possible adverse biological effects. Aside from these possible ways to die, people come up with easier ones. Using mobile phones while driving ! Endless number of people have lost lives because of using mobile phones while driving. Please people! Stop being constantly glued to your mobile phones. I'm not saying stop using them completely, just use them less frequently. Instead of chatting with friends on mobile phones , go and actually meet them and chat ( if possible ). And lastly, please don't use mobile phones while driving or crossing roads, at least for the people who actually care about you. Enough ranting for now. Have a nice day :) 

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