Saturday, 3 August 2013

Friendships Day

Today as I was walking towards the station for catching a train after returning from college, I busied myself with watching the surroundings, and could see colourful ribbons displayed in just about every shop on the lane. The shopkeepers were having quite a successful day since their shops were literally bursting with customers who were buying those colourful strips which had cliche lines written all over them like Best friends forever and blah blah stuff. So tomorrow is the so called Friendships Day. The day on which people get ribbons tied on their wrists, readily allow to get scribbled on their hands,T-shirts and even faces (ugh!). I returned home after an hour or so to see a bunch of those colourful ribbons lying on the table. Now obviously I wouldn't buy those sickly ribbons which had the power to mend or break friendships( I have seen and had quite a few of those experiences in the past -_-' ). So the person responsible for buying those was of course, my younger sister ( or as I'd like to put it, one of the many Voldemorts in my life, JK, NOT ). After learning that it was she who had bought them, I wouldn't want to leave a chance to argue and exhibit my big sister prowess, so our argument ensued! Don't get me wrong, I'm not against friendships or anything . It's just that I feel that to express our friendships, we don't necessarily need to tie flimsy ribbons on each others hands. Although I was no different a few years back. I remember thinking that mere tying of these bands would guarantee a lifetime friendship. But as I grew up, I understood the essence of true friendship, its hard to find ( if you happen to find true friends, make sure to not let them go :) they're too precious to let go off) and there's no guarantee as far as longevity is concerned. Friendships get broken quite easily. Anyway, I'm deviating from the topic! So what I was trying to get at was that instead of putting money into buying those ribbons,bracelets,etc, one can come together and donate that money to some charities or to people who need it the most. Once the friendships day is done with, those bands are either reused,stored as a keepsakes (I used to do that :P until my cupboard was raided by a certain Voldy) or thrown away! So if ultimately thrash is where they are going to land in, it's better to  put that money into something much more effective and long lasting. One can use that money to gift candies to li'l kids, or do just about anything to get a smile on someone's face. It could be anything, visiting the old age homes and making those oldies feel wanted :) One can collect friends and get support for the orphanages. So that's about it for now. Please forgive my bad English :P Bye for now! ^_^                                                                   

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