Thursday, 30 July 2015

Shoppity Shop Shop

   "Because when I shop, the world gets better" - Rebecca Bloomwood, Confessions of a Shopaholic Series.



 There was a time when I used to dread this very word. Shopping can literally be a pain sometimes. Walking into shops, searching for clothes you want to buy, finally ending up with clothes you didn't plan on buying, followed by trying them on, making the final choice, running towards the cash counters so that you don't end up waiting for a long time in the queues, doing all this in one day can get you tired enough. (even writing this huge long sentence got me tired) So yeah, shopping is a task. And yet, so many shops are brimming with customers at any time of the day. I always wonder how and why.
I used to run away at the thought of shopping. My apathy towards shopping made me quite the wrong person to go shopping with.
Until now. 
Naah, just kidding. I'm still quite the same. Maybe a little better.
Anyway, enough about me. Let's get straight to the topic, types of shoppers. Here we go.

1. Shopaholics? Shopaphilics?  

These are real life Rebecca Bloomwoods [quoted above] of the Confessions of Shopaholic series. They can shop for anything, anywhere and anytime. When it comes to shopping at thrift stores, they can bargain and make the seller reach any price they want. They know the timings and locations of all shopping stores. They are basically the know-it-alls of the shopping world. These are one of people you'd want to go shopping with. They don't even need an invitation. They're ever ready to shop. They'll even forgo their dear sleep to assist you.
Also beware, if you're like me (you take nothing less than a century for selection of clothes) and you happen to take them along for your shopping, they will end up buying the whole store if you take too long. It's in their very nature to shop for stuff even when they don't need it. They can end up buying absolutely anything, and have no regrets. Going to a shop and returning back home empty handed is a sin for them. God help these people.

2. The Smarties

These are serious and practical shoppers. Shop owners might harbour a slight dislike for these people. Simply because their marketing strategies don't seem to work on them. When these people go for shopping, they take along a concise list of items to buy, and will not budge from the list. Strong headed people, they know what they want and will not pay any heed to the efforts taken by the ever so struggling sales people. I kinda admire these people. It must take so much effort to ignore items on a discount/sale, but then again we all know how discounts really work (and yet, the smartest ones of us too fall for such tricks)

3. The misfits 

Misfits of the shopping world. I consider myself as one of them. These people never get what they want in their size or preferred colour. I've had so many such experiences, especially while shopping for shoes. I had almost given up shopping for shoes some time back. I never ever get a perfect size. I'm somewhere between a UK shoe size 3 and 4. Yeah I know I have small feet. Size 3 shoes are too tight, size 4 too loose. I've tried 3.5, they didn't fit me either. 3.75? No, they don't make that size. There should be sizes in all sorts of fractions, that would solve my problem maybe? Moving on to clothes now, what if a person is not a perfect size 10, but a size 10.7252728? (Hypothetical) Now, there is no size 11, so this person has to go for a size 12 which might be too loose and dangly. Why why why! 
Getting something of proper size and colour is nothing less than a miracle. Rarely ever happens to us. So basically, now you know what the people of this category do. Yes, we blame our bad luck, and keep cribbing about not getting clothes of our size (like I just did above. Sigh.)

4. Ninja shoppers

(Unexplained obsession for ninjas: check. Reader thinks I'm crazy: check.)
Ignore the nonsense in the parenthesis, if you can. 

Okay, so ninja shoppers are basically super quick shoppers. They're so quick with selecting clothes. They go to a shop, try on the selected clothes, make the decision super quick and are out of the store in no time. How do they do that? Like I mentioned before, I take a century long time to decide on clothes. I can never imagine getting out of a shop with bags within 30 minutes ( unless it's not a clothing store, of course) 

5. People who say stuff like: "That dress I saw the other day at the store. I should've bought it. It's haunting me now. I think about it all the time. Please take me there! I want it!!!"

Does the title sound a tad crazy to you? I know so many people who are supposedly haunted. Yes, haunted, that too by clothes they wanted to buy but couldn't due to whatever reasons. They are so determined to buy those clothes that they end up dreaming about them. They usually end up buying them too. Imagine a ghost movie with clothes haunting people instead of ghosts, saying "BUY ME BUY ME!" at the background. Yeah, that's how it must be for them.

6. The "Try and Never Buy" Shoppers
  Window shoppers. Basically, all of us at some 
point in our lives. Window shopping works well mostly for the strong heads, or shopaholics when they run out of funds. There are people who actually enjoy window shopping. I know people who go to a shopping store and just try out clothes with no intention of buying them. They just enjoy the prospect of going to shops, regardless of whether they're going to make any purchases or not! It's so tough to not buy something when you like it.

Aaand we're done! So which one are you? :D