Wednesday, 27 November 2013


^^That's my motto! :P
So you've been assigned a task with a deadline. And you while away all your precious time doing random unimportant stuff, and get back to the task completion a day before the deadline. Does that seem like a familiar situation to you? Well, if it does , you're one of my kind :D We're the procrastinators :P
         We don't really comprehend the difference between the concepts of now and later. We tend to postpone every single job to the next day. It's not that we find the job boring( unless it's studying , of course :P), its just that trivial random stuff starts to seem much more interesting than the job. And so, we end up wasting our time, don't get the work done on time. In school, when we were given projects which were to be completed during the holidays, I used to start a day or two prior to the school reopening. Sitting through the day (and night, sometimes :D) with all the papers,sketch pens around me (and sadly with no time left for some more procrastination), I used to think to myself and decide that next time I'll start with the project on the very next day the holidays start. Yeah, that never happened :P, though I did always end up getting them done on time. I'm such a pro at procrastination that instead of studying for my semester exams, here I am, procrastinating and writing about procrastination xD
         I should probably stop now. My biotech books seem to be calling out to me (or maybe, they can wait? :P )
Have a nice day! :)

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Diwali !

Diwali!! The festival of lights! I had been to my grandparents' place for Diwali like every year! Met everyone after such a long time, ate the awesomely delicious stuff that was prepared. And I drew this rangoli outside our house. I know. Nerdy much! Pharm.chem overdose :P

P.S. Its Fluconazole :D a triazole antifungal agent :P

Have a nice day! :)