Thursday, 31 October 2013


I've been away from here for too long now! Blame the exams and the endless task of completing journals :( Now that all of that is done, I've finally got the chance to write a blog and bore you some more :P
     So, expression! Out of the many expressions: facial,mathematical,etc , Gene expression is what I'm going to blog about ( sorry if that disappoints you :P). We've been studying a lot about genes, DNA, RNA , biotechnology this semester. The concept of genes and ability to manipulate them intrigues me. We had the first exposure to this subject back in our 12th grade, I remember the anticipation I felt before our classes. Now in college, we've been doing quite a detailed study on this subject! So gene expression is basically a process in which a gene transcribes into a RNA, which further undergoes translation to produce proteins. Genes are specific nucleotide sequences which code for certain proteins. The processes of transcription and translation are a part of the central dogma of life. Transcription is the process which involves synthesis of a RNA molecule from a DNA molecule, while translation is the process in which the RNA binds to a ribosome to produce proteins. So basically, we are what we're only because of gene expression. Our skin colour, hair colour, height, eye colour and just about everything are all a result of gene expression. The enzymes responsible for various physiological processes are products of gene expression.The genetic codes responsible for various traits are present on our DNA. The very well known scientist Mendel had been the one to suggest the existence of gene. He experimented with pea plants and discovered inheritance. Later on, it was proved that DNA consisted of genetic material, followed by the Watson and Crick model of DNA structure. Since then on, there have been many other discoveries, so much so that an entire new field of study has been developed.
      Studies about gene expression has also helped in the medicinal field. Earlier the mechanism of action, metabolism of drugs was not much known. But now, we know that a certain drug, suppose Erythromycin [a macrolide antibiotic :D] inhibits protein synthesis at a certain step. Metabolism of drugs involves enzymatic action on drug molecules, therefore by inhibiting that specific enzyme biosynthesis we can retard the metabolism of that drug and hence, increase the duration of action.
    Ok, so I could go on and on about this topic, but I think I've bored you enough :P So I must stop now :P Bye, have a nice day! :D

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