Saturday, 28 March 2015

Travelling by the bus

Since my post about travelling by local trains was a total hit with my friends. Totally boasting :P 
Now hoping for a similar response, I'd like to rant about all sorts of annoying people you'd meet if you happen to take the bus! I take the bus everyday , so I'm quite used to seeing these people. You'll come across quite similar kind of people on the bus and the trains. Because flying ninjas can't always fly to the station , they gotta take the bus sometimes :P (you'll have to read my previous blog to understand the joke! So go read it first! :P).
I promise to write well this time. OK, just kidding! This is just going to be another awkward, badly written post. No, I'm not fishing for compliments. But if that's making you roll out a few compliments, you could comment below :P Okay, now that I'm done begging for comments, here we go!
1. The latecomers:
These are an annoying lot. They are late almost every single time. No, it isn't that they don't know the bus timings, they simply don't get enough time for their morning jogs, so they compensate that by jogging behind the bus. That doesn't seem like a bad thing now, does it? Exercise is good, but find your own time for it. Don't waste our time! Some people really need to reach someplace by a certain time. Why do they have to suffer? Argh! I've experienced this so many times, I get so pissed off at the bus drivers -.- why stop for the late comers?! Late comers never got a chance back in school, why should they get any now? What about all those "always be punctual" lessons we were taught in value education class? School education is a waste, hence proved xP
I can understand getting late once or twice. Even I've been late at times. But everyday? That's a bit too much people. I wish they would start giving late remarks to these latecomers too just like in school. And then maybe fine them after they get a certain number of remarks :P

2. The door clingers:
 Obvious from the title, these are the ones who you'll find clinging to the door. Yes, even when there are plenty of empty seats. Maybe they think that being half outside the door would entitle them for just half the ticket price? Mostly men, they cling to the doors regardless of the stop on which they want to get down. And yeah, if you need to get down at your stop and you ask them if they are getting down too, they'll just look back, give you a blank are-you-talking-to-me?- look and look back to where they were looking. And that's it, they won't even budge unless the stop comes up. So finally when your stop comes up, this person will like a monkey swing himself to make way for you. Sorry for the monkey reference, but that's what monkeys do! :P
Jokes apart, if you're a door clinger, please stop being one! Unless, of course if the bus is really full and there's no place to stand! You need to be careful, you could seriously get hurt if you fall off a moving bus.

3. The window seat hoggers :
Happiness indeed :P
Okay I won't lie, I am one of these people. I just love sitting by the window and looking out (and pretending I'm in some movie, you know with all the wind, hair flying and all that :P Just kidding). I just like having the window seat! But that doesn't mean I won't take a seat unless it's beside the window. I've seen people run, like they really run to get the window seat. And if suppose, they don't manage to reach there in time, they don't sit at all. They go standing all the way, or ask someone to give their window seat to them. Wanting the window seat is completely fine, but going all lengths to get it, not so much. I know some people get claustrophobic, so they really do need windows. I sometimes wonder if using claustrophobia as an excuse would help me get a window seat *evil laugh* Naah I guess I'd just get a I-don't-know-what-you-talking-about stare. Oops am I being too repetitive? Am I being too repetitive? (Geddit? :P #stolenfromiisuperwomenii)

4. The standing lot :
There are few people who travel standing because they have no choice, and then there are few people who choose to travel standing. Yes, you read it right.
When the bus driver slams on the breaks
Some people actually like to travel standing. I don't understand these people. They simply love to stand I guess. There have been times when I've got on the bus and got no seat, I've had to travel standing and to be honest, I never liked it. It's almost like a roller coaster ride with no seat belts, and of course no seats xP I just googled -when the bus driver slams on the brakes- and this is what I found! xD

5. The kind people:
These people rule! Everyone should try becoming like them. These people offer seats to the elderly people, it makes me restore my almost lost faith in humanity xP People can be kind! There have been days when my bag has been too heavy, filled with books, and people have offered to carry my bag. If this doesn't make you go aww, I don't know what will! :)

So, this sums up my list of people you'd meet on the bus. I know this list is too short, I've given few categories a miss since they've already featured in the local trains blog :P Refer the categories numbered 2,3,4,5 here > Travelling by local trains
 Alright, I hope you had a good read! 
Have a good day! :)


  1. Hahahahahah. You're so Angry at these people.
    I love to swing. Offering seats, tired of that. :P
    Nice post. Would like more updates on bus travels.