Saturday, 19 December 2015

Boston v/s (Bombay) Mumbai (Part II)

Yay! So, I'm back.
Finals [check]
Plans for winter break [ ]

Yes, none. I'm just gonna stay at home, eat and sleep (so basically, get fat). And since I promised a part two, here it is.


Boston: People here don't judge you. You can be yourself at all times. You can do anything you want, unless it's illegal of course. Nobody tells you to be this way or that (Other than people back home maybe) It could also be called as indifference. Like nobody would bother if you laugh/shout/fall down.
One plus point is that you can step out in your Pjs and not worry about what people will think.

Mumbai: Nosy people everywhere. People here are more interested in what you do rather than minding their own business. Which brings us to the next point, staring.


Boston: It is considered RUDE to stare. Thank you humans, thank you. Goodbye to all those years of feeling conscious because you're being watched. (Am I exaggerating? Maybe)

Mumbai: Staring at random people is just as important as breathing. You cannot survive with it! Just ask the ladies in the train. Man! All they do is stare at you. And not just stare, they look you up and down. That's just plain irritating at times. And let me tell you, giving them a look back doesn't make them stop. It's as if you've participated in a staring competition, and you have no idea about it until you see a pair of eyes staring right at you.

Greeting people:

Boston: You might find strangers coming up to you and talking. If you're walking on the road, a passerby may give you a smile, nod or even ask you how you doing! (not the Joey style though). Greeting people is a big thing here. And it feels good when a random stranger wishes you good morning :)
This creeped me out big time initially. It still might! Also, questions like how you doing/how's it going, just mean Hi/Hello, and they don't actually want to know the story. That's actually very funny. I've had many instances when I've said good, how about you, and this person had already walked past!!

Mumbai: Well, random strangers might give you a smile once in a while. But that's not the same. And if you randomly smile at passersby, they might think you're a crazy person, and grimace instead. Though, sometimes the train ladies might strike up a conversation with you, and you could've a good talk. (I have no idea why I keep talking about train ladies)

Holding doors:

Boston: If you're passing through a door, and if you see someone walking right behind you, you keep the door open for them.

Mumbai: Bang it right on their face if you must. I've hardly seen people hold doors for strangers.

Weekends and Parties:

*I'm not a party person. But I guess, parties are so much more similar in both these countries*

Boston: Weekends are a big thing here. Especially if it's a long weekend. It's a big relief. And everyone usually has some plans for the weekends! I sleep. (Well, that's the best plan)

Mumbai: Free time? That's like a dream. We had college on weekends too. So, you know how we spent the weekends.


That's all I got for this post. Time to sleep. (Just kidding, NOT)

Have a good day :)

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