Tuesday, 3 November 2015


 So, last week I had my first ever Halloween at Boston! Sadly, I was too busy with my Organic synthesis assignment that I couldn't do much on the day. The pictures below are fruits of my procrastination! See, I always knew procrastination always led to something good. Kidding, of course. I participated in a pumpkin painting session held at my university, and I spent around an hour there instead of studying for my test. Guilty. But at least now I have a showpiece for my cupboard?

:P Face in the making!

The :O face
The :P Face

I seriously need to start writing here more often! I have a post on Boston v/s Mumbai coming up and I've been saying that since last month. Procrastination again. I guess that's the most used word in my blog. Anyway, I'll get back to writing soon! Till then, take care guys! :)

Have a good day! :)

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