Friday, 17 October 2014

Joyeux Anniversaire P!

Okay I have no idea where to start :P

I met this girl on the first day of college. And I found her pretty rude( hehe , sorry P). I remember asking her, her CET marks and college name, and she answered to all my questions without even glancing at me. I don't think we connected until that one day, we had been waiting for our other friends to get back from their practicals and we had this talk :')
Now it's been 3 long years. Gosh :O I should get a Nobel prize for bearing with this girl. Her never-ending chatter could literally drive any sane person mad. She could go on and on for days and let me tell you, making bored faces doesn't stop her xP She's pretty ruthless that way.
We both ruin all our study dates (Sorry PJ :P). I remember all those exam mornings when instead of looking at our books like any normal person would have, we have laughed hysterically over any petty reason. Oh, that's the only thing we both are good at. Laughing. We could start off over anything, I repeat ANYTHING. Remember "Mary had a little lamb", consecutive, she shays?
Oh, and did I mention our love for selfies . We have way too many pictures together, which makes it difficult for me now . I'm having a pretty rough time deciding which one to keep as my WhatsApp display pic for your birthday :P
We both are two poles apart, we hardly ever agree on anything. Okay except a few things and very rarely :P Thanks for PJ, the buffer, we all live in harmony ( Oh what could we do without you PJ! :P)
One thing she'll make sure you know about her is that she louuuves LOVE. Don't worry P, I'm not going to disclose your future plans here :P

Okay, now I feel this birthday blog post sounds more like a complaint letter. Yikes! She has all my embarrassing photos, I shouldn't get her mad! And yes, also it's her birthday. I'm supposed to be good to her. Phew. So let me end this post by cooking up some white lies :P
She's one of the few people who get my sarcasm and still bear with me. You won't ever get bored in her presence. She's the kind of person you could discuss anything with. And she hardly ever gets mad although I try my level best to pester her. Last but not the least, she's the best selfie buddy and the bestest friend one could ever have :) Happy 21st dudeee!

P.S.I really really hope we get into the same university because >

Yeah time to "Awww" now. Hehe! Enjoy your 21st. Oh wait, you ofcourse will. I'm going to be there yo!

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  1. Thank u sooo much sweetz! Loved this surprise and it meant a lot to me! Love u girl!